sevierSevier Valley is located just south of Little Denmark.  Here heritage is tied to the rich landscape where farmers and ranchers follow the ancient Native American tradition of living off the land.  Whether you are visiting Burns Saddlery in Salina where cowboys have shopped for saddles, boots and Western wear for 100 years, listening to the bark of the auctioneer at a local livestock auction, sitting around a campfire after a Dutch oven dinner enjoying tales of Butch Cassidy or licking an ice cream cone at Ideal Dairy in Richfield, you will never be far from the land these rural folk love and nurture.
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Salina 84654

Salina was settled in 1864 and named for nearby salt deposits.  As with many communities in the area, Salina was abandoned during the Black Hawk War.  The town was resettled in 1871 and coal, which has become important to the local community, was discovered in a nearby canyon.

Mom's Café
(Corner of State and Main: 435-529-3921)

Built in 1878, Mom's has been a local restaurant and landmark since 1936.Our family atmosphere, homemade soups, scones and pies are famous. Stop by for a taste of time gone by.


Burns Saddlery
(79 West Main Street: 435-529-7484)

The smell of leather surrounds you in this family owned business, which has kept a leather craftsman on the premises since 1898.  You will find yourself in a wonderland of saddles, boots and western wear.  Enjoy their display of antique guns, saddles, bits and spurs.


Salina Producers Livestock Auction
(South Highway 89: 435-529-7437)

Few things reflect Utah's rural heritage more than the marketing of livestock.  The auctions are every Tuesday so take the time to stop in and hear the call of the auctioneer.


Victorian Inn
(190 West Main: 435-529-7342)

Originally known as the Burr House, this lovely, white Victorian home took four years to build between 1896 and 1900.  Its guest list has included nearly all the Presidents of the LDS Church.  Today, you too can enjoy the luxuries of this historic bed and breakfast inn.


Country Keepsakes
(788 West Main: 435-529-1055)

Our shop specializes in supplies for our many local crafters, but we also carry a selection of wonderful local crafts.  We are especially proud of our locally produced doll furniture and child-sized tables, chairs and rockers.  We also sell both finished and bisque ceramics as well as scrapbook supplies.

Lesley's Country Creations and Gifts
(135 South State: 435-529-2100)

We feature the work of 12 local crafters in our shop.  The hot items right now are Northeastern "fish" crafts, crocheted "church purses" to keep your little ones busy at church and crocheted hair ties.  We also carry a delightful variety of knitted items, tole painting, iron creation and ceramics.

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Glenwood 84730

Glenwood was established in 1863 and named for pioneer Robert Wilson Glen.  It was also known as Glencoe and Glen Cove.  The town's original cooperative mercantile still stands as a reminder of its Mormon roots.

Sam's Costume Design
(525 North 300 East: 435-896-6703)

We specialize in hand crafted dolls and fine sewing for antique as well as modern dolls. We design patterns and make the clothing customized to your wish such as bride replicas and team uniforms.


Glenwood Co-op Store
(Center and Main)

Built in 1878 as part of the United Order, this historic rock building was run as a cooperative providing goods to Mormon settlers until 1912 when it became the Glenwood Mercantile that operated until 1952.  For years it was the largest building in Sevier County.


Joseph Grist Mill
(355 South 250 East)

Operational until 1925, the mill is a fieldstone structure built in two stages. The older section was built from black volcanic rock in 1884 and was operated by a large water wheel.  In 1900 the mill as expanded and the grist wheel was replaced with roller mills and a turbine.

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Fish Lake 84701

Long known for its deep waters and record trout, this provided food for the Fishlake Indians.

Historic Fish Lake Lodge
(Fish Lake: 435-638-1000)

Skougaard's Fish Lake Lodge was built in 1928-31 of huge spruce logs from nearby Pelican canyon.  The building is one of American's largest and most impressive log structures. Meals and cabins are available.

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Redmond is named for the red mounds just west of town and known for the local bentonite clay deposits and the salt mine just outside town.

Redmond Salt Mine
(3 mi south of Redmond on Northfield Rd.: 435-529-3294 by appointment)

Do you sometimes think you work in a salt mine?  Don't miss the chance to actually tour a real, working salt mine....and don't leave without a shaker of their "Real Salt."

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Aurora 84620

Named for the colors in the surrounding hills, Aurora was settled in 1875 by settlers who had moved south from Provo.  The town was originally known as Willow Bend because it was located on a bend of the Sevier River which was overgrown with willows.

Time On Our Hands
(115 North Main Street: 435-529-3959)

The "Twisted Sisters" have a perfect place for you collectors and antique lovers.  Located next to the town's oldest Pepsi machine, we're easy to find and fun to deal with.  We're working hard at learning to count back change!

North Canyon Stone
(7000 West 4500 South: 435-529-1175; call ahead)

Just outside town there's a country road leading to the most beautiful stone benches, spheres and fountains you can imagine...not to mention their pet cemetery headstones.  This is a small rustic operation where the owners will take the time to show you around and tell you about their craft.

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Sigurd 84657

Sigurd was settled in 1874 and named by the U.S. Post Office in recognition of the many Danish people in the area.

Bramblebank Farm
(95 South State: 435-893-8147)

Come enjoy a stroll through our heirloom gardens and learn about traditional, non-mechanized agriculture.  Fresh, seasonal produce, flowers and free-range eggs available, plus handcrafted, gift items.

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Richfield 84701

Originally called Big Springs or Warm Springs because of a large local spring, Richfield was settled in 1864 by settlers sent south from Sanpete County by Mormon Church leaders.  The town's name was later changed to Omni after a prophet in the Book of Mormon before finally receiving its current name because of the area's rich soil. For more information see:

Butch Cassidy Museum & Antique Store
(510 South 100 West: 1-800-982-6683)

Stop here and learn the truth about the famous outlaw Butch Cassidy. The museum and antique store are open from 10 AM to 1 PM daily.  Paul also welcomes invitations to share Butch Cassidy legends with your group or organization.


Frontier Village Gift Shop
(1625 N. Main Street: 435-893-8600)

Whether you are interested in old time Cowboy food or the large selection of gifts made by local craftsmen, you will enjoy our selections.


(44 West 100 North: 435-896-8354)

Marcia's is the largest fabric and quilt shop in Central Utah. Offering hand quilted and tied quilts as well as custom quilting.  The shop also offers handmade dresses, pillowcases and baby items.  People also drive for hours to attend Marcia's quilting classes.


Kathy's Gift Shop
(597 North Main: 435-896-1848)

This little shop carries a full line of gift items including miniature collector shoes, tole paintings, porcelain dolls and Victorian buggies.  Don't miss Paul and Kathy's pine tables, chairs, cupboards, trash bins and potato and onion bins.  Kathy also creates lovely "Victorian Buggy Vignettes."


Sparrow and the Mustard Seed
(425 North Main: 435-896-5551)

Everyone loves finding a gift shop like the Sparrow and the Mustard Seed.  Located in a fairytale cottage a block from Day's Inn, this shop is packed full of craft and gift items.  Shop 'til you drop!


Ideal Dairy
(490 South Main: 435-896-5061)

Do you remember years ago when you would open your door in the morning and your milk will have been delivered to your doorstep!  Ideal Dairy, one of the few family owned dairies, has been offering this service since 1926.  Stop by their outlet store and cat with Tooter Ogden while you enjoy the richest, smoothest ice cream cone you will have ever tasted.


Pressed Petals
(4500 West 200 North: 435-896-9531)

Many of you will remember pressing and drying flowers when you were a Girl or Boy Scout.  This local company has turned this hobby into a livelihood.  Drop in to see ladies turning dried flowers pressed in much the same manner as you did so many years ago into breathtaking candles, glassware, pictures, greeting cards and other creations.


Viking Travel
(74 South Main: 1-888-315-1979)

We offer mountain man adventures with authentic clothing and activities, horseback riding and wagon rides, exploration of 100-year-old mining cabins and more.  Come as you are and we'll handle the rest!


Wild West Woodworks
(33 S. Main: 893-8861)

Everything in our shop is handmade in Utah.  We sell everything from ceramics and woodcrafts to vinyl dolls and my sister-in-laws count cross stitch pictures. We have become known for our "outhouse birdhouse" which my husband and I build and decorate right here in Richfield.  Don't miss our curling iron holders, shelves, quilt racks, barnwood picture frames and more.


Days Inn Gift Shop
(333 North Main: 435-896-6476)

We all know that Days Inn is a nice place for a good night's rest, but it's the tiny gift shop that is of special interest to the heritage traveler.  Most of the items are made by local artisans including locally painted ceramics and ceramic eggs, pioneer pillowcase dolls, a wealth of crocheted items and some first class tole painting.


My Checkered Past
(167 North Main: 435-893-8093)

The signature heritage products at this wonderful shop are owner Kim Tuttle's wreaths and floral decorations.  However, that's only the start.  Stop by to see her work and that of other local artisans who display their holiday and home decorations.

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Monroe 84754

Monroe was known as Fort Alma in pioneer times. Later, it acquired the nickname of "The Little Green Valley." Monroe is located ten miles south of Richfield. It is home to Monroe Elementary School, South Sevier Middle School and High School, Monroe Senior Citizens Center, Monroe Public Library, a horse riding and roping arena, a baseball complex (Mountain View Park), a city park, Mystic Hot Springs, and many other businesses. Monrovian Park, a wonderful picnic area, is located three miles up Monroe Canyon. The community sponsors an annual Pioneer Day celebration on July 23 and 24 with deep pit barbecue, Primary children's parade, milk run, breakfast, Pioneer parade, program, races, games and many booths on the City Park. Monroe has a population of 1,800 people.

Mystic Hot Springs
(475 East 100 North:435-527-3286)

Soak in natural geothermal waters considered sacred by ancient Indian tribes.  Open 24 hours by appointment.


From Gramma's House Gifts and Antiques
(20 North Main: 435-527-4973)

Our little shop is packed full of heritage products made by friends near and far.  There are quilts and quilt racks, children's furniture, tole painted items and antique tools and kitchen goods.  Take some of Marie Ney's fudge and peanut brittle with you and don't forget Whitney Lee's homemade soap to wash up afterwards.

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Joseph 84739

Originally known as Jericho, this little farm community was named after Joseph A. Young, an early local Mormon leader.

Flying "U" Country Store

A Convenient store for the local area and tourists. We have a campground with hookups and  tent sites behind the store. Also, Laundromat, Showers, Clean Restrooms, and a Tanning Room. Shell gasoline, Groceries, Soda, Snacks, and Ice Cream. Hunting and Fishing Licenses can also be purchased.

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Sevier 84766

Once named Cove for the Farm town's secluded location, the community was renamed in honor of the river that is perhaps Central Utah's defining feature.

Country Church Antiques
(2510 S. Highway 89: 435-527-4262)

Old Mormon church building built in 1927-30.  Shop features collection of antique furniture and stoves.

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